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released June 2, 2006



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Track Name: Hell's Kitchen
The Devil's house is 666
I cross across the river styx
I stand upon the porch and feel his powaa!!
The knocker knocks, it opens wide!
With basted breath I walk inside
"I pray, I say, may I borrow some flouaaa!"

There were shrunken heads
From a head collection
Dead shrunken people
Fueled my trepidations!

Looking up he licked his lips
"Needs more virgin oil," he snipped
Boiling rats crawled out the vat so spooky!
"My flour's rare and deathly good
is it for Devil's food?"
"No not cakes," I cried "chocolate chip cookies!"

"To borrow some,"
he said "One favor...
You must mix your soul
With the flour's flavor!"

Hell's Kitchen! Hell's Kitchen!
Should I sell my soul and give in?
Hell's Kitchen! Hell's Kitchen!
Death to all who enter within!
Hell's Kitchen! Hell's Kitchen!

Lucifer I cannot stand it!
Eat your offer I demand it!
The schemes you've cooked are just a pot of crock!
For I don't need my soul to make
A soup to slurp or cake to bake
I'll knead my own flour, I NEED MY SOUL TO ROCK!
The oven's temp was 666
I threw the devil's head in quick
To punish him for all of his abuses OH YEAH!

Now the underworld
Is my property
I cook new cuisine

Hell's Kitchen! Hell's Kitchen!
Hot Beelzebub, use mittens!
Hell's Kitchen! Hell's Kitchen!
Try a taste of his intestines!
Track Name: Me Vs. The World
It's me vs the world
A hero's love for the girl
Track Name: MaddDogg Conquers Buffalo
From a hole MaddDogg was born

Nursed on video games and porn

Scanned this barren, vacant land

Planned destruction with his band

of brothers friend or foe

Showplace, Runwayz, Broadway Joe's

MaddDogg conquers Buffalo

Pinball wizard with iron fists

Tribulations, trials and trysts

Bitch in a bottle, gonna take you home

MaddDogg loves them chicken bones

Arm yourself Ontario

MaddDogg conquers Buffalo

Flying meat, "Look out below!!"

MaddDogg conquers Buffalo


Grindcore-possessed demon man

Station wagon, driving bans

Robin Williams does what he can

In his heyday he was the man

Tribesmen troll this wartorn ground

MaddDogg's boss of this whole town
Track Name: Playing Favorites
Sure it's my fault
That only I will like this
Because of where
My heart is
We all play favorites

Sure it's my fault
That you won't help me
All the way
We all
Play the game of favorites
Track Name: Redheaded Blues
I've got a sweet 'lil' redhead
Boy she knows how to hold her man down
Got a sweet 'lil' redhead
She don't hold her man down
When we want to have a good time
We always go downtown

Got a sweet 'lil' redhead
she knows how to tell a lie
Got a sweet 'lil' redhead
she knows how to tell a lie
She can keep lyin' to me
'till the day I die


I've got a sweet 'lil' redhead
Told her I want to sleep around
Got a sweet 'lil' redhead baby
Told 'er I want to sleep around
She said:
"If you want to do that to me, baby, you can forget about holding ME down!"

'Cause you know
How it feels
Down to your toes, OH!
'Cause that's how she makes you feel